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Five heart service and five letter guarantee

Rieter Credit Bureau's Persistence in Service

The "five hearts" of "Reassurance, Attentiveness, Attentiveness, Sincerity, Determination" is the "five-star service" that Rieter Credit Co., Ltd. promises customers. The "five trusts" of "Integrity, Trustworthiness, Public Trust, Renxin, Trustworthiness" is also known as Rieter Credit Co., Ltd. can provide customers with "five provinces guarantee". Adhering to the professional knowledge of our customers, we will not let it go. Regardless of credit information equipment, personnel training, and case quality control, Rieter Credit Information continuously improves standards in all aspects, and gathers professionals from all walks of life to regularly train and review. The near-perfect requirements have led to a high rate of detection. For all cases we provideGeneral Manager of Transparent Appeal ChannelIn order to improve the service quality of each case.

Report survey data to customers daily, rest assured that the commission will never be lax. The supervisory mechanism that reports back to the general manager, the case issues are supervised and discussed as soon as possible.

Confidential service and contract system

It is our insistence to protect the privacy of each customer. Each case requires the signing of a contract of appointment. The content of the contract clearly states that the price of the service will never exceed the price.

The contract contains a confidentiality treaty, From the signing date, we will never leak out the contents of the contract and survey data.After the case is closed, we will give the customer the complete information and destroy the contract confidentially. If you need follow-up legal assistance, we will transfer the case information to the relevant legal department.

The confidential service and contract system of Rieter Credit Bureau
Rieter Credit Bureau's fees are open and transparent

Open and transparent pricing

In order to protect the consumption justice of each customer, all the services of the credit bureau are listed in a reasonable price listTo prevent people from being scammed by bad credit agencies! The public is advised to check the reasonable charges on the Company's "Charging Price" page before entrusting the credit bureau. If the price is higher or lower than our published price, please be careful of false charges or fraud.

If you are unfortunately scammed, you can also call our free consultation line 0800-012-312 and we will provide legal assistance and follow-up cases.

Taiwan and global service bases

We provide services across Taiwan including: Taipei, Xinbei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Hsinchu, Chiayi, Miaoli, Changhua, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi, Pingtung, Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Penghu, Golden Gate Lianjiang. And set up a rapid response center in Taipei Zhongnan.

In 2020, we will focus more on global services, not only providing global languages, but also setting up service bases across Taiwan and the world., Including Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Japan.

Rieter Credit Bureau's Taiwan and Global Service Bases
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Defend your love and save your marriage

The credit bureau’s affair, the rape, the rape, the rape, the rape
Professional rape
Rape is the best way to expose the other party's lies. The key to a successful rape is that the evidence of the affair is complete. Whether you want to divorce or sue the crime of adultery is in your hands.
Credit bureaus save feelings, save marriage, save another partner
Emotional recovery
The professional team will fully restore the service. Whether you want to recover your marriage or your feelings, Rieter plans a meticulous recovery action for each person's situation.
Credit bureaus destroy love, marriage, third parties
Emotional destruction
Another companion change or suddenly become cold? Love emotions to recover experts, simulate a variety of situational relationships, in-depth analysis of the problem, thousands of successful cases to restore love.
Credit Information Society Marriage School Extramarital Affairs Business Marriage Affair
Marriage school
According to statistics, the incidence of extramarital affairs is as high as 30%. How to manage a high-quality marriage relationship and sever another partner's affair? Learn to run a marriage as a happy man/woman.
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All disputes concerning industrial and commercial credit, property credit investigation, infringement and counterfeiting investigation, document identification, and transnational litigation are all passed to us

Industrial credit investigation, document handwriting identification
Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation
Competitors of enterprises, credit surveys of partners, property surveys, prohibition of employees' Jin Jingye investigations, document identification contracts, handwriting counterfeit identification.
Infringement counterfeiting investigation
Infringement counterfeiting investigation
The painstaking work has been counterfeited, causing damage to interests! Infringement and counterfeiting investigations must obtain evidence of infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, and actively seek compensation for effective combat.
Transnational overseas survey
Transnational overseas survey
Driven by global trade, opportunities for overseas factories, immigration, study abroad, overseas travel, and overseas business trips have increased, and relative difficulties encountered abroad have also increased.
Litigation evidence collection
Litigation evidence collection
Evidence in court is divided into three levels: evidence, evidence capacity, evidence proving power, and the collection of litigation evidence through professional personnel, experience, and equipment.
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If you have a difficult life dispute, please send it to us as long as you cannot handle it

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