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The problem you encountered is for the Rieter Credit Information Agency to answer your questions.

A reliable credit bureau should have a mission-critical philosophy and a positive attitude. Rieter Credit Information Agency is the credit rating company with the highest reputation in the credit industry. We attach great importance to reputation and reputation. The dispute rate has been closer for more than ten years. At zero, we value the feelings and interests of our customers. We also welcome you to compare and consult. If you have doubts, please feel free to contact us.

How long has your credit bureau been established?

Our Rieter has been officially established since 2006 year for 12 years.

How do you choose the employees of the Rieter Credit Information Agency?

Positive, alert, and loyal are the three elements of our selection of credit practitioners - need to be positive, because most of the things facing are negative, need to have a positive heart to face a challenge; need to be alert, because Whether it is a business or an investigator, it is necessary to have a responsive response to the surrounding and change, to be able to face all the emergencies; to be loyal, because loyalty will know that each commission is entrusted by the customer. The trust of Rieter Credit Information Co., Ltd., only with the concerted efforts to maintain the company's signboard and credibility, will be better and better. In addition, most of our personnel are university graduates, which is completely different from other credit bureaus. At the same time, we have not hired other people who have worked in other credit bureaus. We hope that our concept of "a reassuring credit bureau" can be thoroughly implemented in the code of conduct of each colleague.

Do you need to consult the consultation fee?

Whether you are consulting on the phone or coming to the company or about to talk outside, the consultation is [no need to charge any fees], the focus is whether our conversations and suggestions are helpful to you, whether you are recognized by you, if our suggestions and methods Can be accepted by you, then we will proceed to the next step.

The range of services of Rieter Credit Information Agency is:

The cases of the three sides of the strait have been entrusted to us, and the scope of handling the case is as long as it is any place where the means of transportation has arrived.

What are your service items:

The home page is written...but in short, as long as the customer asks, basically we will pick up any tasks.

Will it be illegal to arrest a person:

Please be assured that we must give priority to protecting the security and reputation of the client. All risks are borne by us from the moment you entrust the Rieter Credit Information Agency.

Will you keep it confidential?

Completely confidential!! Customer's privacy and security is our most important thing, and after each credit is entrusted to complete the case, all the information is completely destroyed without leaving the bottom, and it is not involved with the customer. This is one of our guidelines.

How can I get in touch with you?

The time to talk to us by phone, whether it is to go to your convenient location or to come to the office for an interview.

How can I protect my rights?

The whole process of signing can be carried out under the witness of the lawyer, and the contract must be signed to protect the rights of both parties.

Will the process of your credit bureau and supervisor be exposed?

In most cases, we will use non-exposure as a priority. Rieter's partners have more than five years of experience, skilled handling, and, depending on the situation, assist you with high-tech equipment. The mission of the case must be reached.

My husband is very skeptical, will you be discovered?

Please rest assured that we have all encountered suspicious illnesses, and we will eventually find out that we have found out.

What is your payment method?

We accept cash, remittances, credit cards, and other forms of mutual payment.

Introduction to Rieter Credit Information:
About RieterCredit Bureau, a legal credit reporting company that has focused on credit service for more than ten yearsCredit bureau!
Weekly fixed salesman training to maintain professionalism,Credit bureau feeTransparent and open prices. Rieter Credit Advisory Free Line:0800-012-312 (24 hour service)
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Company Profile

A good credit bureau is definitely not an advertisement that can be seen everywhere! It's about "reality" to solve annoying problems for you. In-depth analysis of the case, professional issues, planning goals, we are more persistent than you, and do our best to achieve the task of the client.

Business philosophy

Create a peace of mind and peace of mind. The atmosphere and image of domestic credit bureaus have been changed.

Business objectives

Too many credit operators today have distorted the original intention of creating a credit bureau and will make money at a glance. Rieter Credit Information Agency hopes to reverse this situation and lead Taiwan's credit information industry to take the "know of the customer's heart" as the main axis. The case is the most suitable solution for the situation assessment, and communicate with the customer in detail to truly understand the customer's pain. Solve the problem.

Business vision

  • We have already had close communication with foreign credit bureaus on the front line. This is something that the credit reporting industry has not done in the past 30.
  • Accumulated solid experience in credit reporting cases, almost unpaid to help the uncles, female students, high school students to find people. And successfully found the goal.
  • No customer complaints, all news reports are positively reported.
  • Cultivate domestic credit information talents, accumulate decent investigators, train professional business, and aspire to be the cradle of professional credit investigation personnel.
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