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The devil is hidden in the details. Rieter tells you with more than ten years of experience in the rape. Is there any 12 signs of your affair? Are you included in it?

Unfinished class
No.1 can't finish class
Derailed people are prone to guilty conscience, intentionally or unintentionally hiding from the other half, often inexhaustible classes, endless differences.
Mobile phone does not leave
No.2 mobile phone does not leave
Because I am afraid of the call of Xiaosan/Xiaowang, I may bring my mobile phone to the toilet. Even when you pass the phone, he will be very nervous.
Avoid physical contact
No.3 avoids physical contact
Derailed people have a feeling of guilty or tired, in addition to having vented their energy outside, he will be afraid that more contact with you will reveal his feet.
Start paying attention to clothing appearance
No.4 began to pay attention to clothing appearance
Men are only showing their embarrassing side after the relationship is stable. If they regain their enthusiasm at the time, be careful...
Lose patience for you
No.5 loses patience with you
I used to be awkward and painful. Now it seems like I have changed a person, and sometimes I lose patience and don’t want to talk or even anger.
Consumption suddenly becomes higher
No.6 consumption suddenly becomes high
Consumption suddenly became high, and some inexplicable expenses were unclear, and the words were not clear.
The community does not release two people
No.7 community does not release two people
He wants to send a public flash and he always pushes three resistances. Was he not like this before?
Major festivals cannot accompany
No.8 major festivals cannot accompany
Often he will arrange carefully for major festivals, but now he is too busy to even pick up the phone and there is no way to go back. In addition to the affair, there may be more things you don't know...
Start challenging your appearance
No.9 starts to challenge your appearance
I used to be fat and cute. Sleeping drooling will help you wipe it. Now I feel that you are dirty, don’t love yourself, don’t understand shame, start to feel you? This is the fuck you married or married?
There is a stranger in the car
No.10 has a stranger inside the car
The discovery of a strange creature in the car is the first way to find an affair, because in the early days, you can’t go home at night and don’t dare to take it home. You can only get along at home. At this time, the car is the best place to search.
I will not invite you to attend the event.
No.11 attends the event and does not invite you
The company does not invite you to attend major events? Would rather be alone to attend the event than to bring you to attend?
Inexplicable reduction of clothes
No.12 clothes inexplicable reduction
The clothes disappeared inexplicably, but he could not explain?

A glimpse of why the other party is an affair, it is better to understand the main cause of the other party’s real derailment

Analysis of the characteristics of men's derailment
  1. Men are usually derailed
  2. The object of a man’s affair, usually the person who loves him.
  3. Men’s rendezvous is usually in the house of a mistress because saving money
  4. After the return home, the man will be more gentle to his wife.
  5. Men most think of the mainland package mistress
  6. It is a man who can’t be satisfied without going to bed in a rendezvous.
  7. Men’s derailment is like taking drugs, as long as it is difficult to quit once
  1. Women are often derailed
  2. The object of a woman’s affair, usually the one she loves
  3. A woman's rendezvous usually hides in a restaurant because it is secret
  4. After the return home, the woman will be colder to her husband.
  5. Women most think of foreign music
  6. It’s a woman who can satisfy her as long as she is in a meeting.
  7. The derailment of a woman is like a commemoration.
Analysis of the Characteristics of Women's Derailment
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