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Secret? The cost of swindling is greatly declassified!

Rieter's introduction to rape and rape

Secret? The cost of swindling is greatly declassified!

Generally speaking, rape and rape are divided into three stages. The first "external affair search" is the second is "grabbing" and the third is "legal lawsuit".

The first stage, as the name suggests, is to investigate the fact that the other half has an affair. Collecting evidence about the derailment of extramarital affairs also provides more favorable evidence for the court. Mainly to observe whether the client's spouse has an affair, the affair, the stage of development, and the location where the relationship is usually located, and the affair search will cost 10 to 14 days of the cost of the test to observe the other half of the life, as for The cost is about 3 to 5.

After the collection of the evidence, I also fully grasp the various life behavior patterns of the other half, such as seeing the time of the affair, the place of the affair, the meeting place, etc., and then preparing for the second stage of the However, because of the establishment of the crime of adultery in China’s criminal law, it is necessary to “pull in bed”, that is, to prove to the judge that there is sexual intercourse, or to let the judge think that there is a crime of adultery, plus when you rape It must be carried out with police officers, legal spouses and policemen in the same jurisdiction, but they cannot ask the locksmith to open the door or break the door to collect the evidence, so that the whole process of rape is very troublesome. If the average person handles it himself, it is likely to eat secrets, private residences, etc. And other legal disputes.

In the second stage of the process of "smuggling and raping the rape", the procedure is cumbersome, complicated and not easy to handle. Generally speaking, the price of the rape is about 10 to 20. Some people may think that it is "good", but the cost is Including the length of the investigation, whether the respondent often goes abroad to increase the cost of travel, or provide information on the amount of spouse and third party information, and the difficulty of investigation and tracking (such as frequent traces of hidden or multiple derailed objects are not good to target) Etc.), labor, survey tools, equipment costs, etc., these conversions are actually economical. In addition, the case itself is investigated according to the situation of each person. The current environment and situation are complicated and difficult. There are also high and low points, so the cost of swindling may increase the cost due to difficulty.

In the third stage of the "litigation", as long as the evidence is conclusive, you can fight for child custody, alimony, property, property and so on. Rieter's traitor-stricken department assists you in verifying the evidence of your partner's betrayal of derailment and helping you to stand firm! Tolerance is not the way to solve the problem. The grievance is only to make the other party more embarrassed; when the other party's ruthless affair betrayed, it will be handed over to the women's Lida Credit Information Co., Ltd. to successfully seize the evidence of the affair and help you solve the divorce problem!

You will regret your life when you miss the opportunity to catch a rape.

In fact, there are signs of affair, such as getting home time is not getting on time or very late, or even going home. Or talk about hiding, hiding mute, eye dodge, cold attitude, avoiding problems, all kinds of signs show that the other half may be unfaithful, but as long as there is an affair, how cautious or careful, there will be flaws. In the past few decades, we have not seen anyone silently swallowing or choosing to turn a blind eye. In exchange for the future of another companion and Xiaosan/Xiaowang, the property may not be with the children. For the other half, Be loyal, you should think more carefully.

Charges for rape and rape:

Common controversy about rape and rape: Deciding to rape and rape, but do you know these things?

Precautionary considerations
  • Grasping the traitor and catching the monkey is the last line of defense to ensure the rights and interests of marriage. It uses the method of credit search to conduct the search and rape, and the enterprise conforms to the definition of the crime of 239, the crime of adultery, and defends and seeks compensation for the protection of the spouse right of the civil law. Cooperative lawyers can provide professional free consultation.
Grieving place
  • The places of rape are divided into residential houses, motels, car shocks, wilderness, and the houses are divided into days, apartments, buildings, etc., different conditions need to adopt different implementation methods, as well as terrain matching equipment such as pinholes, anti-cat eyes, Unlocking, monitoring equipment, or human body sensing, etc., there is no so-called market price.

Project system: the client suspects but there is no clear evidence at hand

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Motel rape, hotel rape Depending on location and frequency Depending on location and frequency TWD $100,000~TWD $130,000
Che Zhen Depending on location and frequency Depending on location and frequency TWD $100,000
Wild rape Depending on location and frequency Depending on location and frequency TWD $100,000
Tips and notes
  • Closed method: the completion of the rape, and at the same time the final payment.
  • The company has lawyers who can provide professional consultation and follow-up litigation services at any time.
  • Other possible derivative fees: when there is more than one person in the affair, or frequently change the location where the sexual relationship is changed
Cost analysis of rape and rape
In addition to the main personnel expenses, the fees for rape and rape are also included in the vehicle and horse fees (oil money, public transport ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to the place, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
The image DVD, photos, related physical evidence, evidence (collected by circumstances, not applicable to each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations to assist the client in formulating the next stage strategy.
Special matters of rape and rape:
  • If you wish to conduct an "external investigation" and "on-the-spot" at the same time, we can offer a special offer. For details, please contact the manager.
Pay for rape and rape:
Deposit 30% to 50% of the total amount, or the amount agreed with the customer, the extension of the investigation depends on the needs of both parties
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
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