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How can I get support and child support?

Introduction to Rieter's Child Guardian Support Service

Judging the custody of the court, judging by what criteria

When the court’s custody is vested, it will refer to the social worker’s visit report in the best interests of the child, consider all circumstances, and especially consider the following:

  1. The age, sex, number of people and health of the child.
  2. The needs of children and the need for personality development.
  3. Parental age, occupation, conduct, health, financial ability and living conditions.
  4. Parents protect the will and attitude of parenting.
  5. The emotional condition between parents and children or between minor children and other people living together.

Why do I have no support for my divorce?

The most common problems encountered in divorce disputes are the custody of children, and the second is alimony. In addition to divorce maintenance, there are child support payments, child support rights, and property distribution between husband and wife. However, in order to understand the details and relevant legal knowledge, we can understand how to draw up, but the average person will not understand, and this aspect of the credit counseling agency can help, in addition to providing divorce counseling services, there are also professional legal counsel, who can meet the client. The problem, the best treatment advice, even the maintenance of the draft can provide assistance.

How can I get support and child support?

Our country's law stipulates that no one of the husband and wife divorce is at fault, and does not need to give the other party a divorce maintenance fee. However, if the divorce is judged by the judgment, the economy will have difficulty, and the party without fault can ask the other party to pay the maintenance fee. However, although the two are willing to divorce and have no obligation to pay alimony, if the two sides have a consensus and note on the divorce agreement, the other party still has to fulfill the agreement and grant alimony according to the original agreement, but how much, how to give it, etc. How to formulate the general public will not understand, this time the credit bureau's maintenance assistance can help.

As long as there is no party that has obtained custody, it is necessary to help to share the living expenses of the children. The cost is determined by the two parties. If the consensus cannot be discussed, the objective third party can also assist the coordination. Is to mediate divorce, the mediator will help to calculate a reasonable price, but can also help by the credit bureau, not only calculate the maintenance fee, but also help to review the agreement, assist the couple to complete the divorce agreement, after all, divorce itself is a complicated matter If you have a full-time assistance, you can avoid losing your money.

Rieter Credit Information can use past experience to get alimony, child support or more of what you deserve.

Fees for child custody support services:

Child custody support service fee - After understanding the status of the case, help clients to plan the case, seek custody and support expenses

Purpose of the survey
  • To get divorced, you need to get custody of the child, or you can raise your annuity.

Project system: After understanding the situation of the parties, help to fight for custody and maintenance.

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Child custody support As the case may be As the case may be Child custody support, detailed quotation depends on the circumstances of the case.
Tips and notes
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • The price of child custody support service varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case. Please check with the business staff to explain the case.
Cost analysis of child custody maintenance expenses
In addition to the main personnel expenses, the child custody support fee also includes horse and horse fees (oil money, public transport ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to the place, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Child custody support conditions
  • To divorce and file a lawsuit for child custody
  • Divorce needs to fight for the maintenance of the other half
Child custody support fee payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
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