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Confidentiality agreement

We adhere to the principle of confidentiality for every case investigated by each client.Communicate the confidentiality agreement with the client when signing the contract. After the case is closed, we will complete the investigation information and deliver it to the client., And destroy the site without leaving a copy. If subsequent customers need legal assistance, we will only provide the information to the legally-relevant personnel designated by the customer.

The confidentiality agreement means that both parties must strictly enforce the contract. If the client violates the agreement and discloses the case secret by itself, the trustee has the right to terminate the contract immediately. .

If the trustee violates this confidentiality agreement and leaks the relevant secrets of the case, the client has the right to terminate the contract immediately, and all the commission money must be returned in full. If the client causes losses, the trustee will fully compensate.

The confidentiality agreement promised by Rieter Credit Union to the client

The confidentiality agreement promised by Rieter Credit Union to the client

  1. No direct or indirect contact with any other third party agencies or individuals related to this investigation.
  2. No information will be shared with anyone regarding this survey.
  3. After the investigation is completed, all the information will be returned to the customer and kept confidential at the agreed time.
  4. The information provided by the client must be true and accurate. The credit bureau includes: whereabouts, photos, address, and telephone.
Rieter Credit Union's confidentiality system is well recognized
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