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Divorce is about to be beautiful, to protect your rights and to get rid of entanglement

Rieter Design Divorce Service Introduction

No one really wants to take the divorce step, especially after having a child, but if divorce is a happier future for the two, why not give yourself and the other a new opportunity? It is best to be able to negotiate a divorce, but often the other half refuses to divorce? However, you have already been discouraged by this marriage. How can we get divorced to protect our rights and interests and get rid of entanglement? It is especially important.

Divorce is about to be beautiful, don’t make a difference

If you want to get divorced, the other person is not willing; in the face of such a person who likes to spend a lot of time, but he is not willing to put the other half free, it is simply a collapse. If you want to help the law, you must first search for the certificate. After that, the lawsuit does not know how much time it will take. If the evidence is not enough, it will be a matter of personal knowledge, labor and wealth. If the judge is free to prove that the relationship between husband and wife is still saved, what should I do if I refuse to give up? What should I do if the other party continues to harass during the waiting time? Is there a way for the other party to be willing to divorce?

Ten essential elements of divorce

  1. Bigamy.
  2. Adulterer with people.
  3. One of the spouses is abused by others who are uncomfortable.
  4. One of the husband and wife is abusive to the relatives of the other side, or is abused by the immediate relatives of the other side, and is uncomfortable for the common living.
  5. One of the couples maliciously abandoned the other party in the continuation state.
  6. One of the couples intends to kill the other party.
  7. There are people who are incurable.
  8. There are people with serious illness who are incurable.
  9. It has been more than three years since birth and death.
  10. Due to intentional crime, it was determined that the sentence was imposed for more than six months.
Design divorce charges:

Design Divorce: Divorce Design Costs - Use professional experience analysis to take action to help clients get out of unfortunate marriages

Purpose of the survey
  • Already have no feelings with the other party, but can not divorce, causing your pain, this is the purpose of designing a divorce.

Project system: want to divorce, but can not do it, causing pain

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Difficulty level A As the case may be As the case may be TWD $100,000 from
Difficulty level B As the case may be As the case may be TWD $200,000 from
Difficulty level C As the case may be As the case may be TWD $350,000 from
Tips and notes
  • In general, the design time for divorce is about 1 to 3 months.
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • The actual situation is still based on the actual situation of the customer. Please check with the business staff to explain the case.
  • The preliminary assessment of the project difficulty can be found in the table below.
Cost analysis of design divorce costs
In addition to the main personnel expenses, the design of divorce charges also includes horse and horse fees (oil money, public transport ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to the place, parking fees and food and beverage fees).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Design Divorce Difficulty Level Assessment: Rieter Credit Information Agency conducts difficulty indicators based on past experience and conditions for customer reference and evaluation.
  • If the other party has an affair or intends to divorce, it is only because the conditions of custody or property distribution are not properly deadlocked, the difficulty is A.
  • If the other party has no intention of divorce, but there has been a domestic violence or an affair, etc., the difficulty is B.
  • If the other party does not intend to divorce, but has not made a mistake, then the difficulty will be above C.
Design divorce fee payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
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