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The lover has the following seven signs, it is very likely that the horror lover must recognize the true face of the person as soon as possible

Rieter dangerous lover break up service introduction

The true appearance of love is hard to see for those in love, but with the calm period of calming down after being in love, does the other person's actions make you doubtful? If the lover has the following seven signs, it is very likely that the horror lover must recognize the true face of the lover as soon as possible. However, if you have the idea of ​​separating, do not directly break up with the other party, but use a gradual alienation method. Seek help from family, friends, or credit bureaus.

Seven Warnings for Dangerous Lover

  1. Overly crazy pursuit and flatteryThe crazy pursuit when not yet a couple, intimate pick-up and drop-off to work makes people overwhelming. But the excessively crazy pursuit and flattery may all be hidden in crisis, which means that the other party wants to use whatever means to achieve the goal quickly, or he is afraid that you will be taken away by others and wants to occupy you as soon as possible. There is a kind of disrespect to the privacy and feelings of the other party, which may become an abuser in the future.
  2. Possessive, you belong to himUnilaterally want to control your time, space, body, clothing, living environment, emotions and relationships. Even a colleague of the company is not as long as he has any intersection with the opposite sex, and it will become the object of his suspicion. The existence of the "only us" other people in their world is a threat to him. The needs of the operator must come first, while the other party's feelings and communication circles are completely ignored.
  3. Intense emotional shiftStrong emotional changes are often unpredictable, and behaviors have changed a lot. For example, you were still worried about whether your stomach was hungry and wanted to buy something for you. Then you suddenly yelled or ruthlessly. Although everyone has emotional ups and downs, their reactions and changes are too exaggerated and disproportionate to normal people.
  4. Everything is the fault of others.He will blame all the mistakes or frustrations on others, especially the other half. His feelings and emotions are the most important. No matter what, he will make his feelings the focus, but he is indifferent to the pain caused to others, which will become more and more obvious in the early stages of the relationship.
  5. Speech violence hits your weaknessesDerogation, contempt, pouring cold water, and cracking down on the other half's weaknesses. In family marriage violent relationships, verbal violence occurs first, and then physical attacks. Usually the abuser lacks a sense of security. They do not know how to use love to keep people by their side, but to control the other half in a destructive way.
  6. Sadness and indifference to othersIt doesn't care if the other person is doing well, and is indifferent to the pain of others, lacking empathy. He ignores or abuses small animals or children, does not care about other people ’s property, or even destroys them, which means that he cannot respect others.
  7. Violence in the past and presentTo see if he will have domestic violence or break up violence in the future, that is, to see if he has happened in the past or now, this is the most accurate prediction, but unfortunately, many abused people are unwilling to acknowledge the abuse of the other party, Let the situation worsen. Stinging people, throwing things, breaking the wall with hands and feet, or pushing people to the corners are all clues and beginnings.

Men and women must learn to choose their lover carefully! Preventive measures!

"Violence doesn't happen out of nowhere." Noel, a well-known clinical psychologist in the United States. In the book "Away from Dangerous Relationships-The Seven Warnings of Love", Dr. Nielsen also said that many domestic or break-up violence have some common points. These characteristics will be at the beginning of the relationship between the two, which is the top three A month or two can be seen.

It didn't take long for the relationship to require many norms or restrictions from the other party. I ca n’t meet other people of the opposite sex, why do n’t I call him when I get home? In fact, you are his belongings and personal property. Really encounter the relationship or lover described above and want to break up, you have to be extra careful, because they are prone to violence, and accidents occur when they break up.

Dangerous lover breakup fee:

Dangerous Lovers Breaking Costs - After understanding the target situation, through professional talents, experience and equipment, use methods to achieve a state in which it is unable to continue to maintain relationships, in order to complete the client's purpose

Purpose of the survey
  • I want to break up with the other side, but I feel that life and life are threatened, and I am afraid of being retaliated after breaking up.

Project system: the risk of breaking up the dangerous lover - after understanding the wishes of the parties and the detailed situation, formulate strategies to break up or assist in the safety and disconnection after the breakup

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Dangerous lover break up As the case may be As the case may be Detailed quotations are subject to the circumstances of the case.
Tips and notes
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • We will not pick up every case.
  • The price of the dangerous lover's break-up is different depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case. Please check with the business staff to explain the case.
  • The commission of a dangerous lover to break up requires considerable manpower, experience, and time. If the other party’s credit bureau has to make unreasonable low prices for the client, it must be careful. Working hours are one to three months.
Cost analysis of risk lover breakup
In addition to the personnel expenses, the dangerous lover's break-up charges also include the horse-drawn horses (oil money, public transport ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to the place, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Dangerous lover breakup conditions
  • I hope that there will be no more dealings with each other.
  • Feelings may have been treated with violence, fearing that the breakup will be retaliated
  • Suffering from threats from the other party’s speech or physical behavior, fear of being retaliated after breaking up
Dangerous lover break-up fee payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
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