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Medical disputes in Taiwan, more than 4000 a year

Introduction to Rieter Medical Dispute Resolution Service

When encountering medical disputes, many people will be quite panic. After all, you are just a civilian. How do you deal with a huge medical institution? At the same time, how to defend their rights and interests, I do not know what is wrong at the moment, the most important thing in medical disputes is to collect relevant evidence, physical evidence, witnesses. Because only if you have evidence of a medical dispute will you have a chance to win a lawsuit and defend your rights. However, to conduct medical dispute search, you must have professional investigative techniques and be familiar with relevant laws and regulations to know how to master the key points of medical dispute search. These are usually not available to the general public and require professional Credit bureaus can help to grasp the evidence smoothly.

Medical disputes, more than 4000 a year

The biggest hope for family members involved in medical disputes is "apology and understanding of the truth by medical institutions or physicians (24%)", followed by claims for compensation (22%), follow-up medical care (14%) and prevention of similar misfortunes or negligence No more happening (9%). Therefore, the family members of the patients may not just want to be able to compensate. Most of the family members still want to talk about justice and understand the truth.

Who should I look for in a medical dispute?

  1. Medical staffFrontline health care workers often face patient concerns first.
  2. hospitalHospital administrative negligence is also one of the major medical disputes.
  3. Find a third partyThe third party is often the just party of social workers, police, passers-by, etc.
  4. Take the judicial route

Scholars who have long been concerned about medical disputes have stated that "the number of patients is always the weaker side." If the patient goes directly to the doctor, they often face a high attitude of the doctor, do not easily admit mistakes or omissions, or dodge the patient's lack of medical care. Sometimes doctors simply can't avoid showing up, and hospitals use it as a reason for not showing up because they worry about affecting the quality of doctors' treatment. The two sides dodge or delay or even do not want to face it.

Medical dispute appeal procedure

  1. The complainant appealed with written information.
  2. Ask the medical institution about the medical situation and read the relevant information.
  3. Review the contents of the medical records and reports, and invite the complainants and representatives of medical institutions to coordinate.
  4. Those who are unable to coordinate the success, please appeal to the complainant through judicial channels.

Difficulty in obtaining medical records, but also frustrated the patient

Difficulties in obtaining medical records forced the patients to go to court and send them through the judicial or procuratorial organs before they could consult the medical records and submit them to the medical review committee of the Department of Health for medical evaluation.

If the sick family wants to appeal to the hospital, each hospital handles medical disputes differently. Some are under the management of social workers, some are under the public relations department, or they are under the management of the dean and vice president. Lack of clear and unobstructed pipelines, and often patients rushed to the dean's office, which made some hospitals have to keep the dean's office in order to prevent uninvited guests.

At this time, if a third party handles a medical dispute for you and collects evidence of the dispute, it is the most important key. The layers of excuses and communication channels are unknown. Often, the medical dispute cases are left without the following, or the prosecution period has passed, and your problem is our problem. Rieter Credit Cooperative will fight for your medical rights for you.
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