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Whereabouts monitoring canFor the surveyed person, conduct a track investigation without missing any clues and information, and are not restricted by any natural weather disasters or factorsWe can help you with real-time high-performance monitoring and assistance with high-tech equipment for XNUMX hours, so that the investigation can be true, accurate and efficient, so that every penny you spend can take the truth of the case one step closer.

Entrusting you to Rieter, you can rest assured that we have decades of professional experience! When conducting a whereabouts investigation, we will pay attention to relevant laws and regulations, such as: personal property laws, crimes against privacy, and privacy. After all, these evidences are for the client to prove things in court. With sophisticated equipment and investigators, you can find the truth without touching the law.

If the trustee violates this confidentiality agreement and leaks the relevant secrets of the case, the client has the right to terminate the contract immediately, and all the commission money must be returned in full. If the client causes losses, the trustee will fully compensate.

Know yourselves and know your best, no matter what you want to do or what you want to know, Rieter Credit Cooperative can assist you with all kinds of equipment and professional investigators to monitor you for 24 hours, so you don't have to wait on the spot in person. It wastes time and fails to reach the desired goal and answer. Using various professional equipment, the vehicle will be alerted immediately when the vehicle is in motion, and the historical track of the vehicle can be recorded. It can be done for 24 hours with experienced professional investigators. Whereabouts monitoring.

Rieter Credit News Agency Investigations Car Satellite Tracking

Locomotive GPS tracking

GPS satellite positioning and tracking navigator is a combination of global satellite positioning system (GPS) + digital mobile phone system (GSM) + electronic map (GIS). Whether the vehicle is stationary or driving, it can achieve the tasks of satellite positioning tracking and satellite navigation. To easily understand the current driving direction of the vehicle.

  1. Suitable for all cars and locomotives, can be easily installed regardless of the brand. Such as: cars, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, touring vehicles, taxis, trucks, heavy locomotives, excavators and so on.
  2. Positioning and tracking: Via GPS satellite positioning (GPS tracking), the electronic map PAPAGO immediately knows the speed and current position of the vehicle.
  3. Satellite navigation: Connect your laptop or PDA directly to the GPS satellite locator to perform satellite navigation.

Cell phone monitoring

With the rapid development of technology, smart phones have become one of the indispensable commodities in people's lives. Although a mobile phone can make two people thousands of miles apart, it is as close as possible, but you must also pay attention to the privacy and security issues in use, such as mobile phone monitoring, mobile phone hacking, mobile phone monitoring, leakage of private photos, etc. Examples often seen in the news.

This kind of behavior is illegal in Taiwan and will violate the crime of obstructing secrets in the Criminal Law. Therefore, the public is advised not to try the law in person.

In the investigation and search, Rieter Credit Cooperative can collect more favorable evidence by using a more effective method than mobile phone monitoring, helping the client to find out whether the other half has an affair or the employee's private leak.

Rieter Credit News Agency Investigations Car Satellite Tracking
Rieter Credit News Agency investigator follow-up

Credit officer and supervisor

In order to avoid breaking the law, in fact, the use of personnel and supervision is the best way to avoid legal doubts. 24-hour shifts and uninterrupted monitoring, using a variety of high-tech equipment and professional training to achieve the best whereabouts investigation services.

  1. For the people, events, times, places and things provided by the client. Investigate and collect evidence.
  2. Regardless of the place where the respondent is located (at home or abroad), even going up the mountain to the sea, we go to the fire.
  3. Avoiding all 3C equipment restrictions due to local conditions and receiving information. It is the best way to follow up with supervisors, to avoid all technical bugs, and to immediately report any situation to customers.
Emotional Investigation

Is my boyfriend / girlfriend's whereabouts always fascinated or sometimes can't find anyone?

Investigation of the whereabouts of men and women

Do you suspect your boyfriend / girlfriend is not simple in diplomacy?

Affair investigation

Do you suspect that your partner is having an affair or cheating?

Communication target investigation

Want to follow him / her without time or afraid of being found?

Children's whereabouts investigation

Want to know if your child is in diplomatic relations?

Premarital Background Check

Doesn't the background of new contacts seem simple?

Employee survey

Do employees seem to be stealing company information?

Debt collection investigation

Encountered a debt dispute debt problem that the debtor owes money and does not pay back?

Personal whereabouts investigation

Don't you deal with people, partnerships or investments know your personal background, private behavior?

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