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The superb salesman deceived, resulting in a loss of wealth and loss of his old capital.

Rieter's credit fraud tactics service introduction

Many people in the society have been scammed by blackhearted credit bureaus because ordinary people know very little about the credit bureau industry and do not know what to pay attention to when commissioning credit bureaus, so they can easily be deceived by superb salesmen. , Resulting in the last man and money, lost his old capital.

Three common fraud methods in Heixin Credit Agency

  1. Dry cleaningTaking money is nothing to do or originally said it was tracking for a week (two cars and one locomotive), but only sent one locomotive to pay for two days.
  2. 追加The client was originally greedy for low prices. Of course, the "cost of doing things" was not enough. If you did n’t do it, you would have to pay again, and there was a clever name (for example, it is difficult to track, you need to install a car harness, etc ...) The information has been handed out, and many people have to pay obediently if they are afraid of being betrayed or intimidated by the credit industry.
  3. Double spyIt is to sell the client to inform the other party (selling the information found) in order to obtain greater profits.

No cost at Baoshan Baohai? The most expensive without money

The method of calculating the charges of each credit bureau is often different. The best credit bureaus will accurately calculate the service items you have entrusted and the difficulty, time and cost of handling the case. As long as there are people, things and things, There are certain costs and costs. So when you encounter this, do it, do it, and give you free money, which is usually the most expensive! Because the unfounded charges are not enough even for manpower and equipment costs, how can you do a good job of investigating credit for you?

Take "people" as an example: the cost of tracing, tracking, finding people, tracing, arresting, ambushing, investigating regardless of day and night, plus "equipment": monitoring equipment, GPS positioning tracking equipment, anti-monitoring anti-tracking Equipment, and "profit": Every company has a certain profit to survive. After all the costs are calculated and the appropriate profit of the credit company is calculated, a reasonable fee can be calculated in the shortest time.

How to judge whether it is a reasonable and good credit bureau?

The basic service time of an excellent credit reporting company should be 24 hours all year round, so as to ensure the accuracy and precision of every minute. The charge price must also be open and transparent to avoid future disputes or "being added." When looking for a credit bureau, you must understand the company's evaluation, whether there is a license (in case of fraud in the future), and the address. When entrusting, you should also observe whether the credit reporting business personnel carry company business cards to prevent fraud of employees who have left.

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