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What caused the crisis in marriage? Understanding the factors is the key to success in resuming marriage

Third party intervention
No.1 third party intervention
Xiao San, Xiao Wang's involvement in marriage makes another companion not on you? How can you save the other half?
economic pressure
No.2 economic pressure
The burden of the economy often raises serious marital relationships. How to communicate with him/her to continue to maintain marriage?
Gather less
No.3 gathers less and more
Marriage life is a need to accompany, gathering less and more couples, some people will suppress that desire... and some people?
Family Factors
No.4 family factor
The big things in life are habits, hygiene, cleaning problems, and so on. Quarreling for a long time... often feeling bleak?
Feeling weak
No.5 feelings faded
Many people, when they walked away, dispersed, and a lot of feelings were lightened when they were everywhere. How to get back the original love?
domestic violence
No.6 Domestic violence
Domestic violence is not just a physical injury, and often the deepest pain is verbal violence. In the face of domestic violence, are you still hiding your mother?
Sexual life is not coordinated
No.7 Sexual life is not coordinated
Sexual love is a part of married life, and asexual marriage often represents a lot of psychological factors!
Child education
No.8 Kids Education
After having a child, the time for the husband and wife to get along with each other is also shortened. After each busy time, they will gradually ignore each other...

Missing the handling of the marriage crisis, you may regret for life

The credit bureau’s affair, the rape, the rape, the rape, the rape
Credit bureau saves marriage and saves another partner
Credit Information Agency saves love, another companion, change feelings and recover
Credit Information Society Marriage School Extramarital Affairs Business Marriage Affair
Credit Information Agency saves love, another companion, change feelings and recover
Credit Information Society Marriage School Extramarital Affairs Business Marriage Affair
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Recovering marriage will never give in, Rieter professional marriage recovery team teaches you how to gradually rescue you

Marriage counseling

Contradiction between marriages, maintenance of marriage and family, repair of husband and wife relationship, counseling of husband and wife communication

Investigation of affair behavior

Another companion to marriage is not infidelity, the termination of affair, the psychological analysis of affair, the possibility of recovery of affair

Marriage recovery method

How to recover a marriage, how a marriage operates, whether a marriage involves a third party, or other factors

Drive away a third party

The motivation of the third party, what the third party wants, the third party, the third party and another partner’s evidence of the affair

Your hesitation at the moment may allow Xiaosan/Xiaowang to take advantage of it, and immediately contact Rieter to keep the marriage! 24 hour free consultation line + 886800-012-312

Think of marriage as a business in business, and solve the problem of exemption in the first time in the event of a crisis.

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