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Legal credit bureau service entrustment process, lawyers joint case to prevent fraud fraud

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立達徵信社貼心為您提供24小時專業的線上客服人員(24小時免付費電話:+886800-012-312) 身經百戰的徵信業務在電話中為您提供諮詢服務,您亦可以通過「電話」、「電子郵件」、「粉絲團」、「LINE」等方式諮詢。


Confirm the commissioned content

After confirming the entrusted content through telephone, fan group, mail box, etc., the client and the staff of the company will confirm the contents of the credit request (may also be faxed, mailed, etc.).


Written intention reply

Written Intent Reply After receiving the customer's letter of intent, Rieter Credit Information Society will give you a written reply to the letter of intent in the shortest time. The letter of intent usually includes the following: A: Type of investigation B: Content of investigation C: Degree of investigation results D: Required for investigation Time E: Expenses required for the survey In addition, a custom contract can also be signed at the agreement of both parties.


Signing payment

The contract payment is in accordance with the above procedure. If there is no objection, enter the signing agreement phase and pay the pre-gold (deposit). Rieter's credit information system can be arranged according to the customer's situation or wishes, and the lawyer or notary public can be notarized. Let you feel at ease.


Case data collection

Case data collection The first line of investigators is responsible for executing the case, and the business provides relevant information on the client's goals in a timely manner according to the situation.


Provide legal assistance

Provide legal assistance. If the client's case requires legal advice, he will conduct on-site verification with the client to coordinate legal proceedings. Instead of letting you face the problem alone, a special person will coordinate it for you. If further lawyer assistance is required, we also have legal professional law firms to assist.



The closing customer pays the final payment, and the Rieter Credit Information Agency destroys the entrusted data after the case is closed, ensuring that it does not have anything to do with the customer.

Open and transparent delegation process
The Rieter Credit Information Agency has changed its traditional model. The case is uniformly distributed by the head office. Any question of signing can be queried by the contractor. [From the contract entrusted by the credit letter to the settlement of the case, you can safely find someone responsible]. Our unchanging purpose - the credit investigation case is secret and professional, but the service is absolutely transparent and stable! This page introduces you to the entrustment process of Rieter Credit Information.
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