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Marriage school

A woman who does not manage her feelings is most likely to be injured in marriage.

In an intimate relationship, the more you care about a person, the more likely you are to get hurt?

In fact, the person who loves more is not easily injured. On the contrary, the more people who are loved by emotions, the more vulnerable they are to those who do not know how to operate. Simply understood, the degree of love is not directly related to the injury, and there is no sense of security. If the value is low, it will be injured in love.

A woman who does not know how to control her emotions is very likely to lead to tensions between the two parties. Women who are not good at managing marriages are left with nothing to do with marital problems.

Regarding marriage management, Rieter Credit Rating here lists the three taboos of marriage, and hopes that everyone can avoid these minefields.

Cold problem encountered

In marriage, silence and the cold war are a major killer of the disharmony between husband and wife.

When encountering problems, there is no effective communication, refuse to communicate, avoid when encountering problems, and want time to dilute this conflict, but I don’t know, the contradiction that has not been resolved is the ambushing divorce fuse.

In the case of many divorce cases, there will be such a situation. Over time, both sides have learned cold violence and become the most familiar stranger. Therefore, when there is a disagreement, the two sides should communicate with each other in a positive manner and strive for the understanding of the other side.

Often denying, criticizing and scolding a partner

The bad words hurt people in June, the violence of language brings harm, and its lethality is often fatal.

Those who say hurtful words can never imagine that their negation and insult to their partner will cause much psychological pressure on their other half. The doubts and evil words from the closest people are always the most sad.

To be respected and understood, first be good, respect and love can be exchanged for mutual understanding and respect.

In the event of a conflict, regardless of the face of the partner

Many times, the two couples quarrel, and some people like to let the elders get involved, or talk to outsiders about marriage. When you talk to someone else, you usually talk about it from your own perspective, and you can't help but favor yourself. Moreover, the ugliness of the family can not be promoted, the problem is not solved, and the other party can not get off the stage. Speaking cool, did not solve the problem, but also let the other party not come to Taiwan.

So the conflict between husband and wife is not terrible, the key is how you deal with it.

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