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Anti-tracking and anti-investigation services to prevent inexplicable follow-ups by others, and sneak shots to protect self-interest

Many people are worried that they have become the target of shooting because of the sneak shots of famous artists. When things are exposed, they are unable to clean up, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. The right to privacy is violated. One thing that people have a headache. Some people may even be extorted, defrauded, etc., because you need Rieter Credit Information Service, or any part that needs consultation, please call the service line: +886800-012-312, 24 hours free Consultation will be provided by Rieter Credit Information Agency professionals.

Pinhole nemesis, Rieter Credit Information Agency anti-monitoring investigation

In Taiwan, many credit bureaus operate legally and compete in the credit investigation market to provide the most professional credit investigation services to protect the rights and interests of the people. However, in these credit investigation businesses, sometimes they occur simultaneously. The situation of being tracked by other operators occurred. Rieter Credit Co., Ltd. has been involved in many businesses, so it has added anti-tracking services to help the client reversely investigate who is tracking and protect the rights and interests of the client.


Rieter Credit Bureau understands the credit investigation and investigation business methods and knows that when credit bureau operators conduct control and search for evidence during their whereabouts, they will use sneak shots, monitors, and pinholes to search for evidence. During the investigation, we used pinhole nemesis, that is, anti-candid camera detector and anti-monitoring detector, to find out whether the client's home, vehicle, and locomotive were invaded by eavesdroppers or pinhole cameras, and defended what the client should have. Right to privacy.

  The pinhole nemesis, that is, the anti-monitoring detector and the anti-candid detector are wired wired and wireless pinhole scanning detectors. With the laser detection function, the detection frequency is 1MHz to 6.5GHz to find any wired or wireless hidden photography. Shot.   

Rieter Credit Bureau checks the rights and interests of the people. It handles affair investigations, arrests and arrests, mediation of emotional disputes, whereabouts monitoring investigations, tracing and addressing operations, business credit investigations, undercover investigations, debt collection, and professional equipment erection. Rent, etc. Do you suspect that you have been photographed or monitored by others? Welcome to the store and commission Rieter Credit Bureau Pinhole Buster to help you maintain your due privacy and resolve infringement incidents through anti-camera detectors and anti-monitoring detectors. If you need detailed business instructions, or have related commissions For needs, please call the free consultation line of Rieter Credit Cooperative: + 886800-012-312.

Japan’s anti-following law, more and more online prevention

In Japan, the Anti-Following Harassment Law (Anti-Following Harassment Law) has been in existence for many years, and it has continued to change with the development of the times. In 2016, Japan also proposed a revised law on the anti-following law, including ... From 6 months to less than one year, even if the victim is unwilling to file a complaint, the victim can still file a public prosecution with state power. In addition, government units can also issue "prohibition orders." In other words, this law has a similar effect to the domestic violence law to some extent, and can even be implemented without prior notice in emergency situations.

In addition to strengthening sentencing, Japan ’s anti-following law has also begun to target “harassment on the Internet,” such as entanglement on blogs and social engines. In Japan, it has progressed to have more comprehensive protection against complaints, but in Taiwan, such bills may not get votes? Not many legislators have proposed this, and major bill changes are often due to "tragedy" On the other hand, the Rieter Credit Cooperative can only pray that the bill can be successfully born before the tragic event occurs, reducing the trouble of the followers !!

Is it not enough to have a domestic violence law and a social peacekeeping law?

In the "anti-following" section, Taiwan ’s laws are actually the same as virgin land, which also means tracking harassment ... basically there is no way to check and balance, and it also makes gratuitous tracking and malicious harassment a female ( Even men) are invincible.

At present, if Taiwan wants to use legal countermeasures, there are generally only two ways:

  1. "Domestic violence law", the current domestic violence law has been expanded to "cohabitants", "same-sex couples", so do not worry about both sides are still couples, or same-sex couples what to do, but the domestic violence law currently encounters many problems . Victims are unwilling to make things bigger, hoping to make the big things smaller, or continue to endure greater harm.
  2. The Domestic Violence Law will face a "blind spot" in laws and regulations, that is, "not every follower is related to the victim." There are so many followers who are very obsessive and obsessed with life. At this time, they can only use "Society Order Maintenance Act, but this one is even lighter, tracking up to "three thousand", yes ... everyone didn't read it wrong, it was really "3000", and this does not take into account that some police may not actually issue a penalty , Or discourage in good faith. What's more, don't expect the police in Taiwan ... After all, many young policemen are not familiar with criminal law and criminal prosecution. Moreover, in Taiwan, it is a place where the human rights of offenders are very important. A capable and bloody policeman may not be able to show his strength ... This is the current situation in Taiwan.

In addition to the relevant credit information equipment, Rieter Credit Information Co., Ltd. also provides many related businesses, such as providing detection and piracy, harassing telephone processing, anti-sneak shot, anti-pinhole, anti-tracking, affair investigation, industrial and commercial investigation, and essay search. , emotional recovery, mainland package mistress, mainland credit information, etc., as long as you need, Rieter Credit Information Agency can assist you. Rieter Credit Information Agency is your best choice, I believe we can get the best results. Please call the Rieter Credit Information Agency 24 hour free service line +886800-012-312, let us provide you with the most professional and caring credit service.

Anti-tracking and anti-investigation service charges:

Anti-tracking and anti-investigation service fees - through the aid of equipment and professional experience, manpower, check whether there are any violations of personal privacy, such as tracking/recognition/installation of pinholes/installation of bugs/installation of mobile phone monitoring software, etc. To find out who is doing the trick.

Purpose of the survey
  • Understand whether the home environment and the surrounding areas are harassed by credit, installed and monitored, monitored, etc.

Project system: After understanding the situation of the parties, conduct same-sex friend surveys and whereabouts to confirm whether there is a situation of same-sex derailment

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Anti-report As the case may be 14~20 working days Understand whether there are any problems in the surrounding life that are harassed by credit means, and find out the way to implement the method, the cost of TWD 10,000 to TWD 50,000.
Anti-pinhole As the case may be 1 working days Use professional equipment and experience to check whether the surrounding environment is installed with pinholes, cost TWD 3000 to TWD 8000.
Anti-listening As the case may be 1 working days Use professional equipment and experience to check whether the surrounding equipment is installed with monitoring equipment, cost TWD 3000 to TWD 8000.
Anti-listening As the case may be 1 working days Use professional equipment, software, and experience to check whether the phone is installed with monitoring, spyware, or tampering with hardware devices. The cost is TWD 5000 to TWD 20000.
Anti-tracking As the case may be 1 working days Through the manpower configuration and equipment assistance, to know whether it is being tracked, and to track the other party in reverse and understand its purpose and background, the cost is TWD 20000 to TWD 80000.
Anti-car tracking/locomotive tracking As the case may be 1 working days Through professional equipment assistance and experience, check whether the vehicle is installed with a tracker, cost TWD 3000 to TWD 8000.
Tips and notes
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • The anti-tracking and anti-survey service price code varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case. Please check with the business staff to determine whether the case is applicable.
Anti-tracking and anti-survey cost analysis
Anti-tracking and anti-investigation charges are mainly based on personnel expenses, including car and horse fees (oil money, mass transit ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to destinations, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Anti-tracking and anti-survey application
  • There are often unidentified people in the vicinity of themselves.
  • Worried that oneself or family safety and privacy may be violated.
  • It is highly likely that an opponent will steal company secrets through improper means.
  • Suspects of their own or family’s whereabouts are suspected.
Anti-tracking and anti-investigation fee payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
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