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Industrial and commercial credit investigation service, business investigation business for market research of corporate owners or financial institutions

Rieter Credit Information Agency has been legally operating in Taiwan for decades. It is a rare credit bureau with zero credit rate and zero failure rate in Taiwan. It has excellent reputation and strength in Taiwan, and is based on Taoyuan. To handle the credit investigation business and multinational business in Taiwan, and to resolve disputes for the Taiwanese people to defend their rights and interests.


The business investigation business conducts market research for the company's business owners or financial institutions. The client assists the client in conducting credit investigations and output value expectations on the target audience, helping the client to obtain the opportunity in the business communication activities, successfully obtaining the expected output value, and solving the infringement incident. To help clients resolve disputes and protect their rights and interests.

Professional business credit, credit information agency, etc.

In the fast-changing era, science and technology continue to advance, and any industry is turning to electronic development. Business credit is increasingly valued in economic life and the business community, and it means the monitoring of market transaction security and the importance of market transactions. The major role of stability and transaction credit verification.

Since the credit bureau understands the current environment, it has specially set up a "industrial credit investigation" project. The purpose is to save problems such as complicated procedures and labor costs when a general company conducts credit, and effectively prevent the generation of bad debts. File and credit system between letters. As long as you provide the information about the business objects you want to know, the credit bureau will complete the credit review process for you quickly, efficiently, and at a price that is friendly to the people. Commercial credit information can help you solve your business problems. The credit bureau's industrial and commercial service survey price is based on the information provided by the client and the difficulty of the case investigation. The valuation process is absolutely fair and open, and it will not allow you to pay extra costs for no reason! If there are difficulties, you can also communicate and negotiate.

Industrial and Commercial Credit: Patent and Trademark Law

There are many credit bureau operators in Taiwan. They provide professional concealed investigative and search services for the people, similar to the work of a foreign detective agency. But where do the credit agency names come from? In fact, it is borrowing the name of the Industrial and Commercial Credit Bureau. The industrial and commercial credit investigation is applicable to corporate companies or financial institutions to monitor and control the industrial and commercial industry market, thoroughly investigate the target company's credit and output value assessment, and enable the smooth development of inter-industry activities Without jeopardizing your own business, you can successfully obtain and benefit from it.


Rieter Credit Bureau has a large number of industrial and commercial credit investigation projects, such as trademark misappropriation, counterfeiting investigations, market investigations, output value expectations, credit evaluations, piracy investigations, patent infringements, etc., to help its clients develop smoothly in market activities. In the current industrial and commercial activities, intellectual property rights are the most important resource of an industry compared with the large profits of products. Therefore, companies will apply for patents to protect the uniqueness of their products or production methods. Earn a dominant position in the market and ensure profitable income.


In addition, in order to protect the advantages of the industrial market of their own products, company companies will also register trademarks. A trademark is a distinctive mark of a product, service or enterprise. After trademark registration, the company's trademark is protected by trademark law. The protection of trademark rights. The use of trademarks is mainly used in the marketing of products. Maintaining the company's trademark rights and interests through trademark law can maintain fair competition in the market and promote the normal development of industrial and commercial enterprises.

Professional Rieter Credit Information Agency Business Credit Survey

Professional and legal, government filing, Rieter Credit Bureau, industrial and commercial credit investigation, providing company owners and financial institutions with a high-quality service to maintain market operations, through market monitoring, credit evaluation, and output value expectations, to choose the right client for the client in industrial and commercial exchanges The investment successfully achieved the expected returns. In addition, the Rieter Credit Bureau's industrial and commercial credit investigation service also handles trademark misuse investigations, infringement investigations, counterfeiting investigations, piracy investigations, employee investigations, etc., and assists clients in trademark registration and patent registration. Customers have an advantageous position in the industrial and commercial investigation market, enabling the company to develop for a long time.


Due to years of hard work in Taiwan, Rieter Credit Co., Ltd. has a rich database of business surveys, which can help clients to conduct market surveys quickly and efficiently when they conduct market surveys, and help clients to obtain early market opportunities and respond to the market. To deal with relevant investment or disputes in situations, to avoid infringements, and to protect the revenue and operation of the industry, and to prevent bad debts or wrong investment conditions from jeopardizing the company's operations.


Do you have a business need for a business survey? Are you curious about market research? Need a variety of credit investigation business commissioning needs? Welcome to entrust Rieter Credit Co., Ltd., a legal company with credibility and strength, to dial the 886800-hour free consultation hotline of Rieter Credit Cooperative: + 012-312-XNUMX.

Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation Service Charges:

Business Credit Investigation Service Fees - After understanding the target situation, the company conducts business credit reporting services through professional talents, experience and equipment.

Purpose of the survey
  • Through the industrial and commercial credit information, you can conduct internal investigations and detailed surveys of partners and customers.

Project system: to conduct business and industry needs investigations, and to help solve problems

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation As the case may be 20 working days The industrial and commercial credit investigation, starting from TWD 100,000, actually depends on the circumstances of the case.
Tips and notes
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • The price of the industrial and commercial credit investigation service varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case. Please check with the business staff to explain the case.
Cost Analysis of Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation
In addition to the main personnel expenses, the ICBC survey fees also include horse-drawn horses (oil money, public transport ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to the place, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation Results
  • Doubt if the company has a commercial spy, or if you want to investigate whether the company has a ghost
  • I want to confirm if the partner is trustworthy
  • I don’t want to find a policeman, but I don’t want to be black, but I want to solve the company’s affairs.
Industrial and Commercial Credit Investigation Fee Payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
Introduction to Rieter Credit Information:
About RieterCredit Bureau, a legal credit reporting company that has focused on credit service for more than ten yearsCredit bureau!
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