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Credit information fraud investigation service, common fraud methods are public, have you been deceived?

In order to divorce her husband, the woman was defrauded by a credit bureau.

A woman who was the manager of a supermarket hired credit bureau staff to help her divorce her alcoholic husband. Unexpectedly, after seeing the women being bullied, the credit information industry turned them around for various reasons, causing the women to be deceived by two million yuan. Later, because the woman wanted to be more and more wrong, and suspected that she might be deceived, she was accompanied by relatives and friends until the police station reported the case to expose the incident.

It is reported that the woman repeatedly communicated with her husband about divorce, but her husband refused, and unwillingly, in order to divorce, she went to the credit bureau through the phone book. Unexpectedly, after seeing the woman being weak and bullying, the credit reporter actually lied about the complexity of the case and asked the woman for 600,000 yuan. Later, on the grounds that the woman provoked the underworld boss, she was scammed for $ 1.4 million.

It wasn't until a while ago that the woman realized that she might be deceived, so she accompanied the relatives and friends to the police station to report the incident. The woman's husband was learning that his wife had been defrauded in order to divorce himself, and eventually nodded and promised to confirm his divorce.

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We co-operated with the police to motel and arrested his wife and Wang in bed. At that time, after the police knocked on the door for more than ten minutes, Xiao Wang opened the door by himself, but the two were already well-groomed. However, the pair's underwear was placed on the bathroom dressing table, causing Wu Nan to intuitively feel that the two did have a relationship, and angrily told the two to commit adultery.

Wu Nan recently realized that his wife's behavior was different and thought that his wife might engage in extramarital affairs, so he hired a credit bureau to investigate. A few days later, the credit reporter told him that his wife was close to a man, leading him to believe that his wife had really betrayed him, so he secretly followed his wife. Sure enough, his wife went to the motel with a man to open a room on this day, and the angry Wu Nan first called the police and waited for the police to arrive. Then they entered the room and arrested the two in bed.

At that time, the police knocked on the door for a lot of minutes before Xiao Wang slowly opened the door, but the two were well-groomed and could not see any behavior beyond the rules. However, the sharp-eyed Wu Nan saw the panties placed on the bathroom dressing table at one glance, thinking that they must have committed adultery, and angrily decided to tell them about the crime of obstructing the family. After the police heard, they were transferred to the law office.

Credit fraud - entrusted credit bureau to collect debts, against fraud by credit bureaus

Mr. Huang’s family is in a good condition. He lends a friend Mr. Xu a million, but his friend has not returned it. So Mr. Huang went to the credit bureau to help with the debt collection. The credit bureau said that as long as the debt certificate is provided, there is no need to pay any fees. After the matter is completed, 30% of the debt must be paid. Afterwards, the credit bureau notified the client to take back the debt, and gave the client a check of one million. The client also gave cash 300,000 according to the original agreement. One month later, the client found the cheque, and the angry return letter. The theory of society, the credit bureau said that he is also a victim, promised to deal with this problem, after a few days, the credit bureau asked the client to help, the credit bureau member was held by Mr. Xu, need 400,000 ransom, the client gave four 100,000 to help redeem the person, the credit bureau and the client said that there is a black road to help deal with, need to pay 700,000 yuan, the client did not suspect that he also paid the commission fee, after which the credit bureau told the underworld that the police were wanted. The client discovered that it was all a scam. It is very important to choose a legal credit information agency. It is necessary to maintain reasonable doubts about the conditions for the credit bureau to always increase the fees.


Before any credit investigation and commissioning task is carried out, Rieter Credit Information Agency will arrange the credit investigation task for the client's needs, and sign an open and transparent contract with the customer to protect the customer's consumer rights and avoid possible consumer disputes. If you have any needs, please call the Rieter Credit Information Agency's free consultation hotline +886800-012-312, which will have 24 hours online service.

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