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Debt negotiation collection service, legally handling the collection and collection of overdue accounts for you

What is the overdue account? It is also the so-called account that exceeds the payment term. In the company's operation, the expected amount will become a bad debt. The more bad debts, the more serious the company's revenue will be affected. Therefore, all companies will avoid the expected accounts, so they will Entrust some prospective account finance companies to manage the company's expected accounts, assist in the collection of accounts receivable, so that the accounts can be recovered on a regular basis and the expected accounts are not allowed to occur.


In order to avoid the occurrence of expected accounts, it is necessary to take precautionary measures at the initial stage of relevant lending. It is not necessary to strictly investigate the credits of the cooperatives, confirm the market mechanism, and explain the detailed regulations on the loan contracts to avoid future disputes. , keep in touch with customers on a regular basis, have control over the business status of the customer, and ensure that the payment date can be surely obtained. If the expected account is really inadvertently occurred, the professional expectation account company or the credit information agency can be entrusted to carry out the relevant receivables. In the account collection operation, the overdue accounts have been recovered, and the funds are not allowed to evolve into bad debts, which affects the company's operation and revenue.


The Rieter Credit Information Agency, which is professional and legally operated by the government, handles a variety of credit investigation business, including debt collection operations. Rieter Credit Information Co., Ltd. cooperates with the overdue account finance company legally established to assist the entrusted customers to accept receivables. The account collection business, and also establish a cooperative relationship with the law firm, can help the client to consult the relevant account issues at any time, provide relevant assistance, and if necessary, use the legal procedures to require the other party to repay the overdue accounts to protect the entrusted customers. Some rights.

Debt collection practice introduction

Have you seen the debt collection advertisements published by the credit bureaus in newspapers and magazines? Rieter Credit Information Agency tells you that in the credit information market, the quality is not very stable, and some illegal debt collection groups pretend to be legitimate and decent companies. Use small advertisements on the roadside and websites on the Internet to trick people into being fooled.

If the people are entrusted to an illegal debt collection group, what will happen afterwards? Let the Rieter Credit Reporting Team with rich experience in collecting practical experience explain it for you!!

The illegal debt collection group may ask the debtor to pay back the money in order to recover the debts by means of violent means, intimidation, illegal intrusion into the home, etc. If you take the debts to the debt collection group, you may also involve legal disputes.

Illegal debt collection may also violate many crimes in criminal law, such as defamation, compulsory crimes, intimidation for financial crimes, corruption, intimidation, etc., and violent debt collectors, if they present weapons, may Involved in violation of the regulations on the control of guns and ammunition. As a principal, you may be involved in the establishment of a crime of abetment. Therefore, when you have a claim at hand and need someone with the ability to handle it for you, you must entrust the case to a legal, government-registered company. Before you entrust the case, you should first check the case on the Internet for fraudulent cases. And a good review of the contract, so that you will not suffer big losses.

Any debt collection call the Rieter Credit Information Agency

Everyone usually has a negative thought about the term debt collection. What do you think of it? It’s nothing more than debt collection groups, violent debt collection groups, gangsters, paint picking, threats, arrogance, beatings, etc. I think these are often Lenovo’s or encounters, and debt collections are carried out in a violent group, causing many societies. problem. Therefore, the Taiwan government has strictly checked the debt collection companies. At present, many such companies have been reduced. However, there are still people who have privately engaged in violent debt collection. The credit bureau may be one of them, and it is a company that sells dog meat. The CIC will remind the public that the selection of credit bureaus should be carefully and carefully selected.

Rieter Credit Information Agency reminds the public about the reminder

The Rieter Credit Information Agency has seen many cases and handled many cases. As for the cases encountered by the people, they almost know how to solve them. Because of the similarities and difficulties, the Rieter Credit Information Agency has been established in Taiwan for so many years. The initial commission was slowly growing up, learning slowly, and today's achievements are accumulated over time, and all the commissioned cases accumulate, do middle school, do middle school, in response to market demand, there are only a few business investigations, To today's diversified services, the rights and interests of the people, this is the result of the efforts of the Lida Credit Information Agency. Rieter Credit Information Agency conducts the credit investigation business by lawful means, and uses the technology search equipment within the legal scope to enhance the efficiency and concealment of the Rieter Credit Information Agency's investigation business, and successfully assists the entrusted client to obtain the required intelligence information. With the professional assistance of Rieter Credit Information Agency, the company won the lawsuit victory, resolved the dispute, and returned to normal daily life as soon as possible.

In the debt collection of Rieter Credit Information Agency, many people are always annoyed about the debt collection. Whether it is a financial institution or a manufacturer, a company, a company or even an individual, it may be encountered. When the account is not received, how can I ask for the three, or the debt cannot be recovered? At this time, the Rieter Credit Information Agency is your best target. The Rieter Credit Information Agency provides a professional reminder team that will do an analysis of your situation and then conduct a job in debt.


Professional, efficient and legally operating Rieter Credit Bureau has been operating in Taiwan's credit investigation market for many years. It understands the people's needs for credit investigation services. Therefore, Rieter Credit Bureau runs a variety of specialized businesses to assist clients in writing decisions in their daily lives. Various credit investigation businesses encountered, such as industrial and commercial credit investigations, expected account processing, tracing operations, emotional dispute mediation, and whereabouts monitoring surveys, etc., to help clients resolve various difficult disputes and protect due rights .

The problem of overdue accounts, also known as receivables. If these payments are delayed for a long time and it is difficult to retrieve them, it may endanger the company's operations. Rieter Credit Co., Ltd.'s debt collection of debts is to assist clients Special business to solve overdue account problems, assist entrusted customers to successfully recover the account, protect the company's operations from being affected by bad debts, if you need detailed business instructions, you are welcome to call the Rieter Credit Cooperative's free consultation hotline: + 886800-012-312, there will be a specialist online service for you.   
Debt Negotiation Collection Service Charges:

Debt Negotiation Collection Service Fees - After understanding the target situation, help clients find debtors and make debt negotiation and dunning through professional talents, experience and equipment.

Purpose of the survey
  • Help clients find debtors and make debt negotiations and dunning

Project system: to carry out target confirmation, assist customers in debt negotiation and find debtors

Program name inspector Time/day cost
Debt negotiation As the case may be 50 working days Debt negotiation collection, detailed quotation depends on the circumstances of the case.
Tips and notes
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to sign a contract.
  • The debt negotiation collection service price code varies depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case. Please check with the business staff to explain the case.
Cost analysis of debt negotiation
Debt negotiation collection charges are mainly based on personnel expenses, including car and horse fees (oil money, mass transit ticket fees, highway tolls, entrance fees to destinations, parking fees and food and beverage expenses).
The client can get it when the case is closed.
Films, photographs, relevant physical evidence, and evidence (including collections where circumstances permit, not applicable in each case), written records, and professional closing reports and recommendations and background analysis.
Debt negotiation collection
  • Need to resolve disputes between debts
  • Need to find the debtor to negotiate with the creditor
  • Looking for debtors
Debt negotiation reminds to pay for the payment:
Deposit The total amount is 30% to 50%, and the extension survey depends on the needs of both parties.
Tail Reporting the information and closing report, the client pays the remaining amount
Introduction to Rieter Credit Information:
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