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Investigating whether the other half has legal, emotional, or debt disputes has not been resolved

Rieter pre-marital credit information service introduction

Marriage is not synonymous with happiness. If you are married, you will have everything you want. Many people regard marriage as a milestone in life. On the contrary, it may cause lifelong regrets if they are too early. After marriage, they need to face a lifetime. Journey, if you do not carefully choose the object, it is likely to re-enter the unhappy marriage, choose the right spouse to marry, you need to know more about each other's preferences, family ideas, family reality, and most importantly, another Half of the legal, emotional, and debt disputes have not yet been resolved, but these conditions are not observable by appearance and conversation alone. They need to be understood through professional private investigations. Therefore, you should seek professional credit counseling assistance. survey.

Pre-marital credit is the most important thing you should pay attention to!

In many of the cases we have encountered, the most often encountered the client can not cross the heart of the step, I feel that looking for someone to investigate the other half to do pre-marital credit is not that this is not trusting the other party's behavior, but we can only ask you for a lifetime Are you still planning to have several marriages? Pre-marital credit is a temporary one, but marriage is a lifetime. Don’t make your own regrets and give the other party a final test. This is to protect yourself and to test whether the other person is the important person in your life. The pre-marital credit is because you care about your partner. So it will be established!

What are you doing before marriage?

  1. Is marriage continuing now?
  2. How many marriages have you been in the past? Is there a child?
  3. Is there a criminal record? What kind of criminal record?
  4. Current emotional relationship
  5. Current working status and whether it is debt
  6. Have bad habits, bad behavior
  7. Current general status of friends
  8. Hidden disease and family history
  9. Is the condition of the family normal?
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